H&M Creates Wearable Jean Jacket that Will Make You Feel Touched

H&M has teamed up with wearable tech company, Boltware to help you get through this Covid-19 pandemic.

While we all do our part to flatten the curve by remaining safer at home, our most intimate connections have gone virtual. It’s been 5 months since a state of emergency was announced and various states across the United States have implemented #saferathome restrictions. No doubt our lives have changed. And for some of us, social distancing has affected our levels of human interaction drastically.

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Whether you’re staying connected on TikTok or Zoom, one thing is for sure, we miss the human touch. Enter H&M and Boltware with impeccable timing and collaboration utilizing wearable technology.

H&M and Boltware, a Berlin-based wearable technology solution company, have jointly developed Wearable Love, a denim jacket that can mimic the feeling of being touched. The jacket shoulders are embedded with flexible sensors and tactile elements.

H&M  wearablelove

How does it work? The wearer downloads the Wearable Love app which connects sensors via Bluetooth for transmitting the signals to the jackets to mimic the feeling of being touched. Each jacket has a registration code for the app that is given to the customers when they buy them.

The wearer just needs to create a profile on the app, after which, they can invite friends and loved ones via the app’s love list. This allows them to create touch patterns that they can send to the wearer as a digital reminder that they are thinking of them.


Here’s the exciting stuff: the Boltware device is a puck and base that acts as the heart and brain of the garment. The puck is removable and can be charged through a wireless charger and has a life of about 2 weeks, while the base remains permanently attached to the garment. The puck can also be docked into different pieces of clothing.

Talk about innovation! We can’t wait for the release of this wearable jacket and more from H&M as distancing becomes the new normal

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