The thrill of discovery: How Nineteenth Amendment connects you to the next big thing

That rush you get when you discover a new designer, brand, influencer or trend is like no other. That feeling in your gut that tells you you’re onto something big, which has the potential to change your life (or at the very least, your wardrobe). And you hold onto it for dear life knowing that in a very short time it’ll make its way into mainstream and you’ll have to share it with the rest of the world. Nineteenth Amendment knows all about that feeling and is striving on it.

Founded by Amanda Curtis and Gemma Sole out of necessity to break free of the expensive fashion week cycle, Nineteenth Amendment is an online fashion marketplace connecting eager customers with up-and-coming designers.

How it works is that it offers customers a 19-day pre-sale access to a curated pool of new designer talent. Customers can place orders for designs which haven’t yet hit stores and four weeks later, these made-to-order garments arrive on their doorstep.


Not only benefitting consumers wanting emerging fashion designs, Nineteenth Amendment at the same time provides a platform for new designers, feedback and advice on how to improve their collections, access to direct sales to a  fashion-forward audience,  and lower risks of the made-to-sell culture by helping them produce a small batch production of high quality products.


Nineteenth Amendment also gained some attention during NYFW where it partnered with Macy’s NYC flagship store and hosted a two-day digital trunk show shopping experience allowing customers to meet some of the designers featured on Nineteenth Amendment and to try on and purchase their garments at pre-sale prices.

Nineteenth Amendment is redesigning the fashion business model by offering innovative local manufacturing and distribution networks which reduces the financial burdens to new designers while giving us the rush of fashion discovery. Not to mention, some serious bragging rights when asked about the next best thing in fashion.


Tatiana Hanlan