Fossil Gives Wearable Tech A Fashion Forward Upgrade

When it comes to wearable tech, the first thing that usually comes to mind is clunky, chunky devices that complement next to no outfit. Want to track your steps or check your text messages through a band on your watch? You can, but for a price: a costly, ugly one at that.

Thankfully, a few brands seem to be understanding that as much as us early adopters are eager to try new things, we’re also eager to look good at the same time. Slowly, but surely, wearable tech is hitting the market and Fossil seems to be one of the frontrunners to make this happen sooner rather than later.

Fossil is dedicated to adding 100 (we’re serious; 100!) new pieces of wearable tech to its Fossil Q line by the end of 2016. With this new installment, Fossil is inching a little bit closer, but more than that the pieces are truly beautiful. We’ve rounded up their new goodies and got all the deets for you, so read on below!


Fossil Q Wander

The Deets: Remember those clunky, chunky devices we were talking about? This smart watch is the exact opposite. The Fossil Q Wander is sleeker and thinner than its predecessors, giving the wearer a chicer and more sophisticated look. The strap is made of genuine leather, making your everyday look a little more polish.

What It Does: The Q Wander allows you to track your calls, time, and alerts. It also helps you track your commute, flights, and reminders. Most importantly, it’s compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones.


Fossil Q Marshall

The Deets: A more rugged design, the Fossil Q Marshall gives your everyday look a little edge. Like the Q Wander, it has a thinner strap, allowing for that chic look to continue on.

What It Does: The Q Marshall does everything the Q Wander does. It just looks a little edgier.


Fossil Q Motion Activity Trackers

The Deets: This may be in the running for cutest activity band ever. Look at that thin strap in three cool colors that go with mostly everything. Look at that metal detailing! To make a good thing even better, this stylish baby requires no constant charging; its coin cell batteries stay charged for up to six months.

What They Do: What doesn’t the Q Motion do? As an activity tracker, it will notify you of your calls and texts, track your sleep and physical activities and even play your favorite music. It does it all with vibrations and cool LED lights. I’m sure in a few upgrades, it will be able to cook dinner for you, too.


Smart Analog Watches—Q Tailor and Q Nate

The Deets: Stylish smart watches that do so much more than just tell time. Fossil says they are the ultimate convergence of fashion and tech and well, once you read on to what they do, you’ll believe it.

What They Do: Okay, sit back cause this could take a while. With just the turn of the watch hands, the Q Tailor and Q Nate alert you to incoming calls, notifications from your closest contacts, track steps, calories, sleep, timezones, and can be connected to an Android or iPhone device via Bluetooth. Phew! We told you the list was long.

The new Q Generations devices hit the shelves between early summer and fall 2016, so keep an eye on your local Fossil store and online. In the meantime, check out the current line of wearables and then join us as we count down the days until we can get our hands on these.

Diana Pasgas

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