Burberry Uses Technology to Create a New Form of ‘Fast Fashion’

OK, we know what fast fashion is; generally, defined as clothing that’s manufactured and sold at a low price and that leaves as soon as it arrives.

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It captures the trendiest of runway trends and puts them into customer’s hands immediately; blink and you’ll miss it! When you think fast fashion, you think retailers such as H&M, Forever 21, or Zara. So it’s a little weird that we’re putting Burberry and fast fashion in the same sentence. But bare with us because we think Burberry has taken technology and created the coolest new form of fast fashion out there.

Burberry designs are a classic. Year after year, season after season, they create sophisticated collections that withstand the test of time. That doesn’t mean that Burberry rests on its laurels and doesn’t change, however; the brand is known for setting trends and more importantly, adopting technology to create something truly unique. Way back in 2010, way before it was commonplace, Burberry was the first ever fashion brand to use technology to live stream its runway shows. That’s right; though it’s hard to imagine now, there was a time when fashion shows weren’t viewable by anyone anywhere. Those on the beach had to just dream about what was happening in London instead of watching it live on their iPad. Some of us had to sleep instead of waking up in the middle of the night to watch it hunched over our laptops. Burberry was a fashion tech innovator in that they got rid of the exclusivity that comes with fashion shows and opened them up to the world. Now in 2016, it’s almost strange when designers don’t live stream their new collections.

This fashion week wasn’t any different. Firstly, they announced that this year they would not be putting out four collections, but instead would only produce two. To make it even better, the garments that you would see on the runway would be available to order right after the show wrapped up.


This week’s show took place at Kensington Garden, which was set up with a custom curvilinear stage and scattered seats. Jake Bugg provided the music for the collection, performing an acoustic set for the show’s duration. Models walked down the runway rocking harlequin prints, sequins, and snakeskin, all donning gold glitter covered eyes in a homage to David Bowie. Christopher Bailey said the collection was a patchwork of all of the things he loved, including music, glam-rock, and military influences. And at the end of it all, there was no waiting six months. There was no seeing the items duplicated by every other retailer out there before customers could actually receive them. At the end of the show, items were available to order.

Now that’s what we call fast fashion.

Diana Pasgas

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