Fashion and Technology Today

Always bumping into things or into people because you’re constantly looking down at your phone? Well now there’s a cure for that, as well as clothes that could cure illnesses. Read the latest in fashion and technology today!


Clothes That Can Help

Read about the Brooklyn exhibition called Cloud Couture where designers are showing off clothes that can help navigate you as you walk and stare at your smartphone, and clothes that can monitor your health if you have a chronic medical conditions. (New York Times)

Flu Fighting Fashion

A jacket that helps fight the flu. A scarf with a sneeze-guard. Germ fighting denim-jeans. The future of fashion is trying to keep us healthy and preventing us from getting sick! (Today)

What to Wear

Don’t know what to wear? There’s an app for that! Take a picture of an item you have or want to buy and StyleIt will suggest other items for you from over 450 retailers. Now you’ll always know what to wear. (South China Morning Post)

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