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Have you tuned in to the HUGE innovations in fashion that London Fashion Week has been showing off? Finally wearable tech is truly ‘beautiful’ and we can’t get enough! On top of that, many London designers are finding way to deliver instant gratification to fashion hungry shoppers, right from the runway…

Is This The First Example Of Truly ‘Beautiful’ Wearable Tech?

A big argument against the wearable tech that’s out in the market so far is very simply that it’s, well… ugly. [Forbes]

TRONify Anything With This New Colorful Glowing Thread

Introducing  Fibrance, a fiber-optic thread-like material that glows in any color and looks like a prop straight out of the TRON universe [Gizmodo]

London Designers Target Fashion-Hungry Shoppers With ‘Tech Firsts’

Fueled by the boom in online sales for the latest trends, London’s designers are finding new ways to deliver instant gratification to fashion hungry shoppers [Yahoo]

Zara Builds Its Business Around RFID

‘Fast Fashion’ Meets Smarter Inventory; Retailer Learns From Others’ Mistakes [WSJ]

Kate Lanphear Is The New Editor-In-Chief Of ‘Maxim’

The style director at T: The New York Times Style Magazine, has just been named the editor-in-chief of Maxim. [Fashionista]