If Your Hoodie Could Text …

I’m not sure if I am intrigued, confused, or simply stunned in amazement. Apparently, somewhere out there, a pair of NYU students have unleashed a hooded sweater that can write and send text messages, all with the bend of an elbow or nod of the head. Just let this sink in for a second …

I’ve spent years perfecting my texting game — while walking, running, bicycling etc. In fact, I became so skilled at the texting while driving that when the law was written for this to be banned, I had to UN- teach myself how to do this. Sending SMS or MMS messages from a smartphone has become so intertwined in everyday life that it sometimes causes mroe bad then good, and thus budding entrepreneurs are breaking the mold and creating wearables that “don’t need to be confined to the wrist or face.”

Racha Patwardhan and Alina Balean developed a ‘smart hoodie’ by arming it with a GSM chip and Arduino board and teaching it to translating simple gestures such as pulling on your hood into sending an SMS to a pre- determined contact. Easy peasy?

This is just the beginning of educating our clothing! With chips getting more powerful, smaller and cheaper, it won’t come as a shock to see our clothing get “smarter” in the years ahead.

What do you think of this smart hoodie concept? I’d love to hear from you so go ahead and comment below or tweet at @FASHIONOTES!


Found via The Verge