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Hey hey, happy Hump day! Today’s fashion x tech reads hold a huge announcement from Instagram! Just in time for NYFW the online sharing mogul has released Hyperlapse, the most intelligent application we’ve seen in a while. But, will it last? 

Ralph Lauren’s High Tech Polo Shirt

Built to better the wearer’s personal fitness, the shirt comes with sensors knitted into its core [ShortList]

5 Awesome Fashion Jobs You Never Knew Existed

Celebrity tanning ambassadors? Catwalk flash dance choreographers? Bet your school careers advisor never told you about these… [MarieClaire]

Instagram Launches New Video App, Hyperlapse, Just In Time For New York Fashion Week

Hyperlapse makes motions – think closeup fashion shots or models walking down the runway – take a longer time so the viewer can watch a fashion show in its entirety in just seconds. [FashionTimes]

The Apple iWatch – What’s Your Verdict?

The much awaited wearable tech will be available this Autumn but it’s causing much discussion about whether it’ll affect the luxury watch market.

Fitle Will Let You Try Clothes On A 3D Avatar Of Yourself

To use Fitle, you enter your height and take four iPhone pictures of yourself at different angles. In 30 seconds, Fitle creates a customized 3D avatar that its founders say is accurate 99 percent of the time. [TechCrunch]