Fashion & Technology Today

Lots happening in the world of fashion tech today! Vogue will be releasing their new website tomorrow, Ralph Lauren is introducing a sweet polo that can monitor your heart rate and there may be a nail polish in the works to detect date rate drugs. Holy moly, we have a lot of catching up to do. 

At U.S. Open, Ralph Lauren to introduce wearable technology

A nylon t-shirt by Ralph Lauren includes tech that can monitor the wearer’s heart rate and stress levels. [NY Times]

WhatsApp hits 600 millions active users

Mark Zuckerberg was right when he said that the app was on its way to connecting 1 billion people around the world. [CTV]

Nail polish may soon be able to detect date rape drugs

Student-launched startup draws serious investment intention. [Daily Tech]

A makeover for Vogue’s website, with a faster pace for covering news

On Wednesday, Vogue is expected to unveil their new website. [NY Times]