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It’s already Wednesday and the Fashion x Tech news just wont stop (which we obviously love)! Today we’re talking about Old Navy’s genius social vending machine and giving a huge round of applause to Stella McCartney for landing, once again, a major fashion role in the 2016 Olympics. 

Stella McCartney To Design Kits For 2016 Olympics In Rio

The British designer has good form in the sporting arena: she’s also previously designed several ensembles for female competitors at Wimbledon. [HarpersBazaar]

Who Needs Sunscreen, When You Have A UV Blocking Scarf?

Sun-protective clothing and sunscreen essentially work the same way, though—they protect what they cover, so unless you’re wearing a sun-protective bubble, get out your sunscreen. [WearableTechnologies]

Old Navy Taps Social Currency With Flip-Flop Vending Machines

To get your hands on a pair, shoppers must first pay with a tweet. Old Navy is willing to give away 9,000 flip-flops, essentially guaranteeing themselves 9,000 social interactions. [FashionAndMash]

Barneys NY and Prada are back on after a three-year hiatus, their reconciliation trumpeted by a window installation:

Previous arguments resulted in Barneys has not carrying Prada women’s clothes since 2011. Until now. [WWD]

Kate Moss is back as the face of Stella McCartney

View the latest Aumtumn / Wintrer ’14 campaign shots here : [HarpersBazaar]