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With the kick-off to World Cup 2014 I’d advise to get your daily dose of Fashion Tech news before the football fever takes over. Even the referee’s are sporting the most up-to-date wearables!

Here ya go, just in time for the kick-off:

World Cup Referees Get High-Tech Help Watching the Goal Line

FIFA has been discussing goal-line technology since the months following the 2010 World Cup. [BusinessWeek]

Ringly Gives Ladies New Option For Discreet Fashion Tech

The Ringly app, available for iOS and Android, lets users customize notifications for phone calls, messages, social apps, email and more. [TechnologyTell]

Fitbay Bags Another $2M For Its Crowdsourced Approach To Online Clothes Shopping’s Fit Problem

Fitbay, a fashion-focused social network aiming to crowd source the online clothes shopping fit problem by letting people of a similar size and body shape see which clothes their size and shape ‘body doubles’ are wearing. [TechCrunch]

Pauline van Dongen’s Solar-Powered Fashion Designs

Integrating circuits and solar panels into her textiles, van Dongen represents a fashionable and energy-efficient future for wearable technology. [TheCreatorsProject]

Apple Spins Beats By Dre Around

Apple is back with Powerbeats Wireless Earbuds. Just as the name suggests, these earphones are cable-free. [Pulse]