Fashion & Technology Today

Take a deep breath, we’ve made it! After surviving another exhilarating work week we are all well- deserving of the top fashion and tech stories currently on the radar. The sun is shining bright through our office windows today (as we hope is the same for you), so we won’t keep you too long!

Now, without further ado, here are the top five stories you need to know today:

The Rise In Wearable Technologies Influences Newest Online Community

Wowcracy and Wearable Technologies join forces to build a space for the creative community to test and share their wearable fashion ideas [wearable-technologies]

Coachella Opening Weekend Fashion Trends

Festival fashion-wear takes front row at Coachella music festival’s opening weekend [GraziaDaily]

Beckerman Twins Celebrate Fifth Anniversary

Toronto- born fashion bloggers and dog lovers Cailli and Sam BECKERMAN celebrate their 5th anniversary today. [Beckerman Blog]

Google- Glass Just Became Much More Accessible

Google has agreed to sell the Google Glasses to US Citizens as long as they sign up before April 15 [NBC]

Interview with Group Mobile Manager of Net- A- Porter : Sarah Watson

An eye opening Q+A discussing social commerce, blending print with digital, and following the customer [The Guardian]