Would You Buy a Smartwatch?

In great anticipation, Samsung revealed yesterday the Samsung Galaxy Note III, The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 edition and as a finally, the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch at the IFA Tech conference. The watch is believed to compete with the Google Glass, but is worn so fashionably on your wrist instead of your face.

The watch is quite sleek and is eye-catching, but is it worth purchasing? The horological device is designed to sync with your phone and allow you to receive and read notifications on your phone as well as text messages. You would then need to use your phone to respond to the notification or text. However, you can make phone calls with it (like a true member of covert affairs), access the internet and take pictures with its 1.9 megapixel camera. It is compatible with some apps, you can listen to music on it, it has a pedometer and the battery is said to last a whole day. Some convenience features are voice control and the ability to open an e-mail on the gear and then take your phone out of your pocket and it will be open on that device as well. It pairs effortlessly with your Galaxy cellular and makes for a neat gadget.

Most people would say this is a superfluous item to own and they’re probably right. The problem with this new age gear is that it’s hard to convince consumers that this is a product they absolutely need. These days people are attached to their phones like a limb and even use their cells as their clock, so why have an extra device you need to charge, update, pair….etc? Unless Samsung releases a watch that does truly impressive things, like break up with your boyfriend for you or use an automaton of your voice to answer your dreaded parents’ phone calls, then they’re not making much sales from the smartwatch. The company that impressed more people with their unveiling of the Xperia Z1 is Sony. The waterproof cellphone has many cool features worth checking out and they also have their second generation smartwatch available.

If you are convinced you need to try the Samsung gear, they come in a lot of wonderful colors and sell for $299. Make sure to tweet us @FASHIONOTES or comment below if you do!

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Alessia Mocella