Track Your Outfits With Stylitics

Carry your closet on your phone anywhere and everywhere you go! Launching in mid-September, Stylitics is an app that allows users to plan outfits in advance and share with friends for style advice. Essentially acting like a personal style tracker/advisor, this app saves all the outfits that you wear and also suggests clothes and items that you haven’t worn in a while. The nifty thing about this is that  the app can also track the last time you’ve worn an outfit, how often you’ve worn it and the total cost of the whole look.

Users can also create conversations with friends and stylists to share planned looks for advice or input and even see what others are wearing at the time. With advisors including designer Rebecca Minkoff and Miki Berardelli (CMO of Tory Burch), Stylitics is a combination of fashion, technology and data tracking all tailored to your personal style. Stylitics also has something called the Stylitics Report, which has news on the latest fashion trends, celebrity interviews and trend reports.

Check out its video for a more in-depth demonstration of how the app works:

Interested? Will you be trying this app out come September? Let us know @FASHIONOTES your thoughts!

Karen Chen