Spice Up Your Smartphone With These 6 Design Tips

Once you have your favorite smartphone with all the latest apps, it’s time to personalize it. With new wallpapers, themes and screen savers, customizing your phone to define your personality is easy. The only problem you’ll have is choosing a theme from the seemingly endless choices.

1. Icons

BlackBerry Storm
Image via Flickr by strebKR

The standard icons on your phone are bland and uninteresting. However, you can give some vibrance to your phone by changing the icons to 3-D or something that best represents your current mood. There are also icons that represent the holiday season from Christmas icons to Valentine’s Day. Regardless of what type of icon you want, there is definitely perfect fit for you.

2. Themes

The Android™-powered HTC Sensation smartphone

Image via Flickr by Telstra Corp

Perhaps the most eye-catching aspect of your smart phone is the theme. Like many smart phone users, you may be bored with the display of your phone, so remember to download several themes so you have a variety to choose from. Whether you love Hello Kitty or Major League Baseball, you can outfit your smart phone with the perfect theme, which will combine your hobbies or likes with your phone interface. With its new OS10 operating system, the affordable BlackBerry Q10 is the perfect complement for the frequent theme changer.

3. Wallpapers

While many smart phone users enjoy using their own photographs for their wallpaper, not everyone does. If you want something that is pleasing to the eye, you can search the Internet to find your ideal background. There are thousands of free wallpapers all over the Internet ranging from dogs to scenic beauty. The possibilities are endless.

4. Ringtones

Icons, themes, and wallpapers are all important aspects for creating your total theme package for your phone. Nevertheless, you don’t want to ignore the individualism a ringtone. The ringtone, be it for texts or phone calls, allows those around you to know what type of person you are or what music you like. Perfect for a conversation starter, ringtones can show off your humor or stress your distinct musical tastes. Don’t overlook this part of your phone because people will remember you for it.

5. Cases

Dunes iPhone Case

Image via Flickr by hangtightstudio

The case couldn’t be more important for presenting your chosen theme. It is the first thing you see on your phone, and the first aspect others see as well. With many cases available, customization is easy. Choose from leather cases, graphic cases, and even metal cases to make your phone as stylish as you.

6. Screen Savers

Screen Savers are an interesting part of your smart phone’s theme because they offer a function as well as style. So, if you’re going to save your screen from image burn, you may as well customize it. Similar to wallpapers, you can use your own photos for the screen saver or choose one of many online options. Some interesting screen savers include girls, sports teams or bands.

While customizing your cell phone theme is definitely an important aspect to making the smart phone really unique, having the right phone is important as well. What’s your favorite phone design?