Who To Follow On Instagram: Eva Chen

Since being appointed by Anna Wintour as EIC at Lucky Magazine Eva Chen (@evachen212) debuted as the youngest entry in the realm of editors. So why should you follow her? Eva’s first issue came out already and expectations from the pics she has been posting were all met. We wish her all the best in her new position and it’s all an ascent from here which you don’t want to miss. Or we warned you.

In her early 30’s she’s been already at Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Teen Vogue and Vogue, and considering she’s coming from pre-med school settings, she’s doing awesome. Veering the direction of a magazine without touching its DNA is not a maneuver you can perform in one issue, but her first issue, the September one, came out already with the right premises.

Eva’s the girl in town and her Instagram handle makes us want to be her friend. From the luxury of her daily car ride she Instagrams the accessories of the day and they are all #TDF. But, what we love the most is that she is that never ending source of cosmetics, nail polish and lipsticks, from highly expensive brands to low drugstore ones that she devours weekly and wants us to do the same.

Her weekends could be described Birkenstock-relax and that’s the thing of her that make it want us be her… neighbor.

Francesca Belluomini