Catch a Backstage Glimpse of the Acne Studios SS13 Show

This two-minute Acne Studios SS 2013 film, directed by Trevor Undi, has just been released and it gives audiences a behind-the-scenes peek of what went on backstage during the show.

Starting with a pan of photographs of various looks and outfits, the video soon gives way to snippets of models’ hands, eyes, hair and faces. Quick shots of various models are seen getting readied by stylists, being photographed, and towards the end, walking the show.

Viewers get a glimpse of the backstage energy, with the strobe light editing adding a frenetic, almost nervous anticipation to the film that slowly builds up as the video goes along. By the time the backstage gives way to the show, the fast almost stop-motion clips have slowed down and the anticipation is finally over. As the show starts and the models start to calmly and smoothly strut down the catwalk, it’s almost hard to imagine that they were facing a completely different atmosphere a mere few moments ago.

Check out the video below and let us @FASHIONOTES know what you think of the film (and collection)!

Karen Chen