Tiffany & Co. Embraces Tumblr

Although it seems everyone has a Tumblr these days, the freshly launched Tiffany & Co. account is sure to stand out. 

The site, titled From Out of The Blue, has three goals: to showcase the history of the brand, to provide exclusive behind-the-scenes access, and to showcase the latest designs and product launches.

To commemorate the launch, Tiffany & Co partnered with the cinematographer Darius Khondji to create a promotional video, which is now posted on YouTube. The Golden Globe-nominated composer, Abel Korzeniowski, created the accompanying soundtrack. The short film, entitled “The Dream Maker,” focuses on the history of the brand, specifically narrowing in on founder Charles Lewis Tiffany.

YouTube Preview Image

The Tumblr will certainly draw a following by posting timelessly beautiful pictures that are worthy of the iconic brand. Although the photos pull you into a more classic time, the side column of “Blogs We Like” keeps things in the twenty first century. From Out of the Blue proves to be an example of an established brand successfully embracing technology to stay current in today’s marketplace.

By Sarah Sherwood