Breakups & Upgrades: BlackBerry vs. iPhone

The brick-size Motorola DynaTAC that Saved By The Bell’s Zack Morris carried around is just as iconic as his love for Kelly Kapowski. And while the teen dating game hasn’t changed dramatically since the ‘80s-era show aired, the world of mobile phones most definitely has. Millions around the world can now be seen with a smartphone in hand and with so many choices, it may be hard to choose which is “the one” for you. It took me a long time, but I think I’ve finally found my technological soul mate.

For several years, the Blackberry Curve was my prized possession. My first smartphone represented a personal connection to all things digital; from “push” (i.e. sending and receiving) emails to the familiar “PING” sound from my BBM messages. The phone’s token trackball and keys made navigating and typing effortless, dispelling any notion that a touchscreen could be just as easy. Soon enough, almost everyone around me was on-board the BlackBerry bandwagon.

So why did I break up with my BB? Turns out that despite all its advantages, I just felt a closer connection to my iPhone. The mobile’s iOS and applications are two reasons that could convince click with anyone. From social media to fashion to photography to sports, Apple offers thousands of easy-to-use apps for all that and more. Browsing the web on the iPhone is also a plus, rendering user-friendly pages through Safari’s mobile-friendly interface. Last but definitely not least, having iTunes at my fingertips sealed my BlackBerry breakup. My entire music library is always with me, so long as I have my iPhone.

To those who are still in love with their BlackBerry or any other smartphone, all the power to you. But like all mature relationships, sometimes it takes breaking up with your mobile to find out that there is something better suited for you. I’ve found that in the iPhone.

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