Elle & Blair Fowler Crash Blush.com With Their Announcement

Last month when we told you about Elle and Blair Fowler’s upcoming cosmetics line, we had no idea they’d cause such a stir. After making their big announcement, the YouTube beauty sensations went quiet on us – until this past Thursday.

The two gorgeous sisters took to their favorite digital outlet (YouTube of course) to announce that the Skylark by Elle and Blair line is now available for presale sign-up on blush.com. That’s right ladies, you don’t have to wait till September to get your hands on these beauty mavens’ newest beauty primping tools. Everyone else must have been as excited as us, because within minutes of the video going live, blush.com crashed. Talk about fan love.

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Check out the video below.

YouTube Preview Image

[Fashionably Marketing]

  • Guest

    But.. its not even their whole line. Its two lip glosses that you can’t even buy individually, you have to buy both. For the amount of time they have been planning this, their subscribers expected more options and at reasonable prices! 

  • Guest

    Also! Her comment about having perfect products makes no sense. There are already high end companies that have great products but there will never be THE perfect product for everyone because everyone is different with different likes, skin tones, allergies. Each product will be different for each person. Its a nice thought but they should have waited till they had at least one product from each category so a lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, blush.. etc. At least that would give people more to purchase. 

    • Anne

      But would you put out a product that wasn’t perfect to you? :)