• T Rodgers27

    Lisa R. Dress Was the Most Prettest Grown I Saw ! She Looked BEAUITFUL!!

  • Regina

    I think they got a couple of those dresses in the wrong categories.

    • Melwende

       I would certainly agree.

  • Dixiestanley

    As always Lisa Robertson looks the best!!!

    • Drodriguez56

      Lisa Robertson did look absolutely loveky!!!!!11

  • Harleycat409

    Lisa Robertson – you rocked it!!! 

  • Robin Fergison

     Lisa you look fabulous !!!

  • Sjgingeriich

    Lisa, you look absolutely stunning!

  • Sue

    Leighton is beautiful but who did her makeup?!  Disagree, Carey’s dress is not pretty.

  • Lori

    Really, Lori Goldstein was listed as best dressed while Leighton Meester was on the worst.  Did they even look at Lori.  That dress is awful.

  • Sharon Vonwiller

    Lisa Robertson rocks everything she wears! 

  • http://twitter.com/sunspotbaby2U sherry highbaugh

    Lilly Collins.. not a pretty dress.. she’s way to young for that thing..

  • IrishgalT

    Congratulations Lisa!!  You are always so beautiful.

  • Jeannie

    Camilla Belle looks like a n old Hollywood movie star!  Class all the way!  Kate Bosworth and Lilly Collins look like a mess….a designer name does NOT beautiful make.  Kirsten Dunst looks like Carole Lombard, lovely and elegant!  Chloe Sevigny…..go back and put on some CLOTHES!….and they wonder why young women today dress so terribly, look who some of their role models are!????  Lisa and Lori look great, although I would love to see Lori without the jacket to see more of her colorful dress, it looks to have nice lines and I love the color combinations!!!

  • Jennie

    Lisa you look absolutely gorgeous, as always.

  • Lauralyons1

    show host from QVC

  • Vsmothers1

    You Go Lisa! You are a Beautiful Person! Your th Best!

  • Peggy_hill2245

    As ususal Lisa showed more clevage than anyone else pictured, more than any of Hollywood’s actresses. The color of her dress was very nice, but the flowers and ruffles and the whole style of the dress did not suit her. I agree with another persons comment about the evening bag. It didn’t fit in with the dress. I felt, as many did, that Lori’s gown and style was a mess.

    • Mickey Mouse

      Lisa’s chest seems to be coming out all over, including under her arms and around her back.  Please wear something that fits.  Lipstick too light, handbag display looks a little like sports equipment at the Olympics.  Lori is a lot smaller than I had expected.  Somehow Ms. Robertson manages to beg for invitations and she is a salesgirl.

    • Marywilliams78

      Lisa Robertson, sometimes reminds me of a transexual I’m sorry.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002370653869 Marcia Evans Chambers

    Lisa you looked beautiful but the dress was 80’s prom…sorry,  I really AM one of your fans…  we need to rethink Lori Goldstein as any kind of fashion trendsetter… her clothing choices are AWFUL. I would NEVER let her “dress” me….her hair looks like she bought a frosting kit from the drug store and did it herself. How did she make the BD list?

  • Metamot

    So happy to see Lisa Robertson

  • JK

    I would totally vote for Lisa as one of the best dressed, but Lori Goldstein??   It looks like she was playing dress-up and forgot to change before the ball.

  • Collene

    Lisa you look beautiful! Lori Goldstein you are a beauty in your own right!! Together you are amazing.  If it weren’t for one, it wouldn’t have been for the other!  An example of the saying two heads are better than one!  And that being a part of a group you can stand alone!  Congratulations to you both for another accomplishment!!  I didn’t see any of the rest of us up there ~ maybe next time???   Lori, have your people call my people :)

  • Carolabastian

    I think Lisa and Lorie look spectacular individually and together.  They look like they are having a wonderful time.  I cannot believe the mean things said in the previous messages.  You go girls–no worries. Enjoy every minute.

  • Marywilliams78

    Why are all you people so hung up on Lisa Robertson,she’s ok but she’s not all that!!!!

  • Janettwokay

    Lisa Robertson and Lori Goldstein looked lovely. I love their gowns.

  • Jmreddclark

    Lisa Robertson looks like she is going to prom. What’s up with that dress.