An Emerging Designer’s Digital Dream

New social e-commerce site has one of the most unique platforms out there for emerging designers. Not only is the website ideal for designers hoping to have their product recognized, it also benefits stylists who have an eye for the next big thing. By signing up, designers are able to create their own personal profile where they can give their background and photographs of their designs. Users are able to browse these collections directly but there is also the unique option of the ‘stylist’.

Stylist’s on the website are people who create their own ’boutique’ with a variety of their favorite items from the collections. They are able to share their boutique on other social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter which offers the designer more exposure than they could achieve on their own. Plus, if an item is purchased from the stylist’s boutique they make a 10% commission!

Boutine also offers a community feature where people can follow designers, add their products to their wish lists, and ask them questions. This option is key as designers who are still trying to find their niche want to know who is most receptive to their brand!

We think this is one of the most clever sites the fashion e-commerce world has seen. So, if you are an emerging designer, or someone with an eye for key looks and trends, this might just be something you want to check out! And of course another added bonus for those users who prefer to just shop the website, you’re more than likely to grab an item that no one you know has… yet.

Lauren Bailie