Spring Clean the Closet with Style

With spring comes cleaning. Don’t worry it’s the fun kind. Doing some spring-cleaning of the beauty closet is quick and will save precious moments during the morning rush. Organizers can be quirky, fun and easy to put together.  Best part is, it’s all DIY.

Wooden Necklace Organizer

A wooden necklace organizer can add great character to a room while being functional.

  1. Take a piece of salvaged board and drill five pilot holes down the center of the board.
  2. Take drawer knobs and attach them to the board, via the holes.
  3. Hang up the board and showcase some great necklaces on each drawer.

Earring Cheese Grater

The cheese grater doesn’t have to be a kitchen only tool. Give it a new life as an earring holder.

  1. Paint the cheese grater a great shade.
  2. Let everything dry and then attach four metal hooks, one to each corner of the bottom of the grater. Remember to use strong glue.
  3. Attach funky beads to the hooks.
  4. Hang earrings from all the different holes in the cheese grater.

Good luck!