Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection: Grown Up and Still Sexy

Victoria’s Secret has given us many things to love and now we can add the Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection to the list.

We’re already in love with their colorful and fun lingerie, sexy sweater dresses and gowns, a yearly fashion show to look forward to and delicious smelling lotions and sprays! Now they’ve presented us with a collection that’s still sexy but has a sophisticated, Parisian and grown-up feel to it.

The Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection is just brimming with chiffon and lace, and we’re loving it! The price tag is a little more than the Pink and Victoria’s Secret Collection, but for lace, chiffon and the boost in attitude you’ll get from slipping into one of these numbers it’s worth it every penny!

P.S. If you’re a fan of the VS Fashion Show you’ll recognize some of the pieces. We didn’t know it then, but they were sharing a secret with us (yes I said it).

You’ll totally fall in love with the pieces below!