ACNE Debuts in NYC

This past Thursday at NYC’s Baryshnikov Art Center, ACNE’s Jonny Johansson showed the minimalist-luxury brand’s Resort 2012 Collection, marking its very first presentation in New York. With silhouettes mimicking those from of the 1940’s and fifties, Johansson’s muse was a “downtown ‘young jeans’ girl” perfect for the NY setting. With what he called “an explosion of jeans and taffeta” and a “hybrid of styles,” the edgy and urban-flared collection included plenty of wearable pieces with an amalgamation of materials– affeta, organza, silk, linen and (of course!) denim. The looks remained heavily styled and the materials were left to crinkle and crease organically. Taffeta trousers peaked out from under hugging pencil skirts as a black taffeta ball gown was paired with a destroyed denim jacket– styling which Johansson refered to as “Interrupted Volume.”

Backstage NARS manned the beauty, sticking to a trend of transparent skin and matte lips. NARS National Makeup Artist, Francelle Daly described the look as a beautiful juxtaposition of textures; and that it was thanks to a nude pink, matte finish bottom lip in contrast with a sheer and delicate, pastel pink top lip, against a satin-finished and light reflecting skin. For the lips a Pure Matte Lipstick in Madère and a Lipstick in Roman Holiday were used, and for the face NARS’ Sheer Glow Foundation and Illuminator liquid.

And can we please take a second to dwell on the hair? The candy-flossed, teased updo was our favorite element of the beauty aesthetic, which juxtaposed sweetly with the sophisticated eyewear, speaking wonders to the overall fast paced- urban feel, all while sticking to the overall retro vibe. Sigh.

With its Resort 2012 collection, ACNE sure proved they could keep up with the NY minute!

Kelsey Rainey