Free People Floral Headpieces: How To

Free People’s May Catalogue is finally out and we’re all about the haku leis– the amazing floral headpieces worn by the models.  A haku lei typically consists of a braided base of leaves into which other plans and flowers are woven. Whether worn on the head or around the wrist or ankle, these traditional accessories (and the flowers chosen to perfect them) are very symbolic and just so PRETTY!

Get crafty with this floral headpiece how-to guide from the studio team at Free People.

What You Need: Green crafting wire, scissors and fresh flowers!

Start by wrapping the wire around your head to get an approximate size. Wrap it around twice for a sturdier headpiece.

Simply add flowers and leaves as you please, using more wire to attach them to the headpiece as you go along. And voila! It’s really that easy.

[Free People]

Kelsey Rainey

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